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This forum is for members and guests of the Chester Rod and Gun Club (CRGC) to discuss and explore the values of gun ownership and responsible hunting and/or fishing activities.

All are welcome to participate.

If you are not a member of CRGC, please attend one of our meetings, public shoots or open range days to get to know the club and its friendly members.  We hope you will enjoy the experience enough to become a member of our fine organization.

To access most of this forum and to post message's you first will need to register to create your own personal login and password combination.  

Please read and follow these simple Forum Rules and Code of Conduct: :rulez:

  • Understand that this is a discussion system for use of members and guests of the CRGC. The messages on this forum are not sanctioned by the CRGC nor are they to be considered "official" club business in any way. Conversations or postings here are no more official than a few people chatting somewhere over a cup of coffee. Statements made by members of this site are their own opinions and should not be taken in any other context.
  • Please keep all posts to the relevant board, for example, please do not post a question on handguns to the Rifle board. This is to make topics easy to locate. Moderators may move a message to a more appropriate board in an attempt to keep things organized. Please don't be offended if this occurs, your moderators are simply trying to help!
  • Please do not post a message WITH YOUR CAPS LOCK ON.  This makes messages hard to read and is rude and offensive to some (on the internet this is considered to be the same as SHOUTING).
  • Please try to stay on the subject started by the first message in the topic. If you want to discuss something else, please start another topic as a new posting (press the [New Topic] button). Changing the subject of the start of the topic is called 'hi-jacking' and usually is frowned upon.
  • Try to provide a meaningful and descriptive Subject for your topic.  A poor subject line would be "Please help".  A better subject would be "Please help my 22LR often jams" as it is informative and narrows down the subject matter.
  • We are all adults here, but CRGC is a family oriented club. Children could be looking over the shoulder of a member while they are at the computer.  Therefore, abusive or profane language will not be permitted or tolerated here.
  • In order to protect CRGC and its members, moderators have the ability to edit, modify, move, or delete your post.  In addition, Moderators have the ability to ban those who ignore these rules, go beyond the boundaries of decency or abuse this forum or its members in any way.  Please act accordingly.
  • Do not post any information which could be construed as illegal in any way. This includes hardware which could be considered regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA).
  • Please do not post copyrighted material unless you are its author. If you have any doubt, simply post a short excerpt from the original material and include a link to the website where the full article appears. (Fair use defined)
  • There will be no spamming, trolling, personal attacks, or business solicitations on these forums.  Sock puppetry (the use of more than one member account by the same person, or closing one account and creating another in an attempt to change your identity) is also forbidden.
  • Please do not post the same information more than once or in multiple areas of the forum. Since members can see each message, and can easily find a new message by using the '[unread] messages' function, there is no need to do this.  Multiple posts of the same information may be deleted.
  • These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the CRGC, and the administrators and moderators of this forum.  Please review these rules often.

Please keep in mind that the moderators and administrators primary job on this forum is to keep the forum organized and operating. We have no intention of telling members what to post or how to do it, beyond the above guidelines. We want you to have the broadest possible latitude so that you will feel free to participate in any manner you like, and to enjoy our forum to the fullest.

You should also understand that you can, and will, be banned from these forums for actions which the administrators or moderators determine deserves such a penalty. Such a ban can be for a short period of time, or could even be permanent. Such moderator action is not debatable. Debating such actions could lead to a longer ban, or worse!

This forum belongs to its CRGC members, please, ask questions, reply to posts, express your opinion.  

Enjoy all that the CRGC has to offer.